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            How will Machine Learning improve your Supply Chain Management?

              Nowadays, companies have no choice but to implement Machine Learning solutions in almost every part of their processes. This fact seems even clearer on markets where fierce competition reigns. Although Machine Learning does not redefine the company, it is...

            Social Natural Language Processing : The Future of Marketing

            SENTIMENT ANALYSIS Why is sentiment a useful way to advertise a product ? John Maynard Keynes was one of the firsts to incorporate sentiment, or, in his own words “animal spirits” (Keynes, 1936), into the financial markets, and is considered to be a pioneer in the...

            Is the quantum world real?

            THE QUANTUM SUCCESS Quantum physics, the field in physics concerned with the behaviour of very small scale systems, has been so far, in many respects, a commendable success, finding many engineering applications, and refining our current knowledge of the fundamental...

            Two birds with one stone: the Deutsch algorithm

            Since the advent of quantum computing, there has been a certain shift on the perception of how we treat data. Quantum algorithms, in a sense, may allow to bypass some value-checking we may label as essential. Two quantum phenomena mainly form the basis of this logical...

            The great debate about falsifiability

            On the first of April 2015 was published a quite humourous pamphlet1, touching the very serious topic of falsifiability in physics research. It expanded lightly upon a topic which, fundamentally, is part of the essence of research. In the paper, named somewhat...